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Originally posted by kogamiryoken. Headcanons. Scenarios. Imagine: being Rengoku’s tsuguko and falling inlove with Tanjiro [Tall!Black!Fem!Reader] Drabbles. demon slayer demon slayer x reader demon slayer x black reader tanjiro x reader tanjiro x black reader tanjiro kamado tanjiro headcanons tanjiro kamado x reader. Foreign Demon Slayer Y/N. Subjects: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Violence, Gore, Death, Blood, Mature Language & Content, other sensitive subjects. 9 chapters. Note: This is my first fanfiction written after seeing how tumblr works. Hopefully it’s not difficult to read or follow. I write them and then paste them here, hopefully the format is not. Dc X Reader Angst (DC 10 being 'Easy' as per the table 'Typical Difficulty Classes' given in Player Handbook) Tags: kimetsu no yaiba sanemi x reader kny anime kny oc shinazugawa sanemi xreader kimetsu no yaiba shinobu kny giyuu zenitsu agatsuma inosuke hashibira nezuko tanjirou kamado genya shinazugawa oyakata tomioka giyuu kanae kochou..